Benefits of Blogs

It’s all about asking the right question. Terry Freedman notes that it’s not whether blogging will improve student writing, but will blogging benefit the student more than any other form of writing, or will this be perceived as just another add on? One of the aspects of blogging that makes it different from other forms of writing is that students get to respond to the writing of others as well as see responses to their own posts. This will only benefit the students who are use to this form of self-expression. If this is not part of the culture of the classroom or the school then blogging becomes simply an electronic response, nothing more. With the proper support network in place students should be able to flourish in the Web 2.0 environment of blogging, wiki’s and podcasts. When trying to develop the students’ voice, say through the 6+1 Traits model, we want to encourage the students’ feelings and convictions to come out through his or her words. In the right climate blogging would seem to me to be the right tool to meet this learning outcome.


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