ADE 2007, Thursday

This was the big day, the Photo Safari. We were all pretty pumped from Vincent's talk last night and the power that a single image can convey. I'm sure everyone was looking for something "more" than just a snapshot. That's all good, but "seeing" like a photographer takes a lot of practice. So on to the bus and off down famous Hwy #1.

Bixby Bridge
We stopped at Bixby Bridge along the Big Sur coast and unloaded 80 eager photographers. There were some spectacular shots to be had for sure. I would have like to be able to explore the bridge and the coastline from a variety of vantage points. I don't even know if that is possible, outside of renting a helicopter.

Point Lobos State Reserve
We arrived and had our lunch and met the rangers. Out came the big lenses. Our guide Ranger Chuck Bancroft, had this great Nikkor 80-400 mm zoom. perfect for nature photography. I had elected to leave my long lens at home, unsure of how to get all this stuff in a carry on bag. Next time I'm bringing everything, lenses, tripods, flashes, the whole nine yards.

We headed south to Bird Island. There were picture opportunities all along the way. It took us about an hour to cover a mile and a half. Those with long lenses were able to photograph the otters and seals. I'm not much of a bird person so the only cool things were a few vultures in the trees. We took a group picture when we got back and it seems like everyone had a great time. It was however time to get down to work.

24 Hour Project
After a spectacular dinner everyone needed to focus on creating our online activity. Groups broke off into study alcoves, dorm rooms and common areas. We had until tomorrow morning to get something together to present to the group. This truly was what pressure and support is all about. Apple staff were available to help us with whatever we needed; hardware, software technical assistance, you name it. Around midnight "boxes" of coffee from Starbucks showed up as well as trays of chicken wings for midnight snackers. It was an embarrassment of riches, but we were still on the hook to produce something. I would have loved to have made a documentary on the process, everyone working in their own little groups at their own pace, all with their own sense of urgency. Shortly after 3 am or group packed it in.

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