ADE 2007, Friday

Sleep Deprivation
I was surprised how easy it was to get up after only 3 hours of sleep. I knew breakfast would be an opportunity to get coffee and there would be no line ups at all, if the volume of 3 am activity was any indication. To no ones surprise

breakfast was sparsely populated. I waited for my group to show up, but they elected to go straight to the main hall to complete work on our project. Their really wasn't much to complete, it was more a case of just getting the pieces together and some theme to present to the larger group. We got to work all morning and through lunch, very nice. I think we were 18th to present. No big deal. Everyone was held pretty tightly to their 6 minutes.

I went back to the dorm to get in a power nap before dinner. Kevin went out to take pictures of the abandon military base.

Monterey Aquarium

This was pretty spectacular. First we had a reflection assembly in the auditorium, sort of a mini-closure on our project presentations and encouragement to continue to publish to ALI. Those ADE slides are really great. Then off to tour the aquarium. We had the entire place booked and after wandering past some impressive jellyfish this spontaneous buffet appeared with a steel drum trio under the million gallon fish tank. We had dinner with the Canadian ADE's while sharks, sunfish and turtles swam by. How cool is that?

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