iPod Nano 09 in the Literacy Classroom

iPod Nano 5G

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There is a new tool that has just been released this September that you should seriously consider adding to your literacy classroom. Apple’s new iPod Nano now sports a built in microphone (in the ear buds) and a video camera, along with the usual host of related music and audiobook features. This could replace several of the already essential contemporary learning tools in the classroom, like a video camera and a mobile Podcast centre, as well as being your entire listening centre. See a sample of the video quality here.

So one of my mantra’s has always been that it’s not about the tools. Yet I get excited every time Steve comes on stage to make an announcement over a new product. Okay, so I want to see what the latest and greatest offerings out of Cupertino might be, but there’s more to it than that. After about 60 seconds my mind starts down the road of how this might be a beneficial tool in the classroom. If this generation of iPods had only offered fancy coverflow or some other type of eye candy, then it wouldn’t be such a great upgrade. The inclusion of a microphone and video camera make this a tool that I’m sure will be overlooked as an enhancement to the literacy based classroom.


One Comment on “iPod Nano 09 in the Literacy Classroom”

  1. Mark says:

    Amazing, just be careful with Coverflow,
    So last night I picked up my first
    Ipod, got a Black 8 GB Nano
    . Glad I waited for the new “fat” version. A few months back I bought my sister a Nano as a gift so comparing the “slim” Nano to the “fat” video Nano I like the one better, the extra width helps me hold onto the player better.

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