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After yesterdays post my friend @Gill_Ville tweeted that she would like to share more failures with others. That’s probably a really good idea. We often share our successes. About the only time we share our failures is to warn others. Our usual response is, “Thanks, I’ll avoid that”. That got me thinking that an extension to “Fail More” might be to “Learn More”.

If I value our professional dialogue, don’t just share half the story with me. Of course I’m interested in what worked for you. I’m also really interested in what didn’t work. Who knows, maybe it will work for me with my group of students. There is a lot of learning that comes out of a conversation like that.

That learning is going to come from reflective conversation in our network of learners. It’s interesting that the micro failures from one can benefit many in the network simply by sharing.


One Comment on “Learn More”

  1. I couldn’t agree more Colin – each failure is a building block to the learning… more like lessons learned!!

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