Contemporary Learning

It’s been 2012 for just over week now. It didn’t take long for someone at work to mention 21st century learning. It’s been 12 years. When are we going to abandon that term? Were they talking about 20th century learning in 1912?

I’ve long been a fan of David Warlick’s term Contemporary Literacy. To me it has both stickiness and relevance. It’s a term that will always be up to date.

My good friend and colleague Kent Manning, just this morning suggested we refer to this as simply learning. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones.

Given that’s it’s pretty fuzzy what term means, the best we can do is prepare our learners for … well … learning.



2 Comments on “Contemporary Learning”

  1. Kent says:

    Pleased to be counted among your good friends and colleagues! I do like Mr. Warlick’s term. Of course that way the term will always be relevant. But as you say, it has been 12 years. Learning it is!

  2. Royan Lee says:

    I’m tired of the term too, but possibly only because I’ve dialogued it to death. At school level, it can sometimes be a useful framework because there are still conversations happening that demonize Wikipedia, lambast ‘kids today’, and blame Best Buy for all ills.

    We should change the term, and perhaps Contemporary Learning or Learning proper is the way to go. But I still think there are things about ‘our time’ that are quite distinctive and demand urgent attention. Many have called our epoch one of the major technological leaps to ever occur in recorded history. I think it’s a little disingenuous to say that it’s just the same ol’ change that’s always happened forever and will indefinitely.

    What about ‘Learning AI (after internet)’? I don’t know:)

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