Crock-Pot Inquiry

A Crock-Pot is a pretty cool thing. I must admit that I was pretty late to the party on this one. I couldn’t really appreciate the need for any cooking device really since the most used appliance in my kitchen was the phone for ordering pizza.

At some point I realized that was the problem. I wasn’t really patient enough to let things cook and simmer when a much quicker solution was 7 digits away. It’s a good thing my present self can’t go back in time and smack my past self on the head, although I think that would be pretty cathartic.

Working on your professional inquiry is a lot like using a Crock-Pot. It might not be as initially satisfying as having your dinner delivered in 20 minutes or less, but in the end, it’s so worth it. We have to be comfortable putting our inquiry on simmer. That is going to bring out all the rich flavours. Like using a Crock-Pot, we put a whole lot of ingredients in one spot and let them simmer.

It’s the slow simmer that matters.


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