Photo by Kent Manning via Flickr

I was listening to Garfield Gini-Newman today talk about critical and creative thinking and making connections to our weekly #CTchat conversations on Twitter. Garfield used the metaphor of a kayak paddle to illustrated the importance of having that balance between right-brain and left-brain thinking. The balance of critical and creative thinking is as important as having 2 offset blades on a kayak paddle. Both play an important role in moving forward.

Two of my friends are avid kayakers, other Colin and Kent. As I was processing the image of a kayak paddle as a metaphor for both kinds of thinking, it was really no surprise that these two gentlemen came to mind. As I momentarily shifted my focus from the keynote I started to process the connections a little further. It occurred to me that both of these educators practice a pleasant balance between the creative and the critical mind. There is a passion for music and the appreciation of the creative process required to be an effective storyteller. On more than one occasion I’ve tapped into these two in the role of critical friend.

As we work with our contemporary learners in our classrooms it’s important to remember that we’re not there to teach answers. It’s important to equip our learners with the intellectual tools necessary to get to that answer, using both critical and creative pathways.


PS: Shameless plug – Tania, Greg and I. along with our faithful PLN run #CTchat on Twitter Wednesday evenings from 7-8PM EST. Everyone is welcome.


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