Code Literacy

Might the idea of having students be fluent in coding be short sighted? Based on how the idea can be misinterpreted as digital literacy and coding becoming a form of writing. I would like to point out as many have before, that digital literacy is not about knowing computers, but is often understood as that. I’m not against students learning code and how things work. In the classroom I taught students some HTML and I’m still a big fan of LOGO. These were not taught as an end goal however. They were a way to get at a critical thinking processes.

The short sightedness lies in the idea that todays programming code will be around forever. Let’s ask those that spent time in the 1970’s programming on data cards. Invest in teaching the ideas of code programming and less time in thinking that if I know how to program in a certain code I will be guaranteed work in the foreseeable future. I might just stick with teaching simple flow charts.


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