Elevator Pitch

Tell me one thing about what your goals are for your students this year, and one goal for yourself this year.


This year is all about helping students know themselves with a focus on oral communication. Knowing their learning styles, their MI strengths and being able to advocate for themselves.
My goal is to flip my classroom to allow me to spend more time with students in small needs and interest based learning groups, providing timely formative feedback.


2 Comments on “Elevator Pitch”

  1. I love your goal. I know that you’re teaching Grade 6 this upcoming year, and as somebody that’s moving to Grade 6 as well, I’m incredibly curious about how you’re going to make this happen. What is your plan on how to make the “flipped classroom” work for everybody? Will students be watching your lessons at home? Do they all have access to a computer or similar device to do so? Will all work itself be done in the classroom, or will you be assigning homework? I’d love to do something similar, and any insights you can share would be great! Thanks for getting me thinking!


  2. Great post to get us all thinking Colin. Thanks!

    1. Probably my “one thing” for students this year would be to assist each and every one of them to personalize their learning. No easy task. But if I listen and respond to questions perhaps I can assist students to find a way to make tasks both meaningful and engaging.

    2. My personal goal is a health related one. Many staff members at my school are active, whether it is running, fencing or the like. I’d like to stay active the entire school year in mostly linear activities like walking.

    Again, thanks for getting us going on our goals for the year Colin.


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