Focus on Inquiry


I’ve always thought of a blog as a diary, but the idea that there is no lock and key is somewhat frightening.  This is my very first blog that is intended to document my foray into the world of inquiry-based learning.  I have dabbled with it over the past two years, and I have to say that “dipping my toes” versus “diving in” has worked for me.   Each year, I try to think of how I can expand this approach into other areas of my teaching.   Since I just finished my Math Part 1 course at Queen’s University, my logical next step would be inquiry-based learning in math.  My goal is to blog my experiences from the start.  Often, we see the “end result” in videos that appear to be picture-perfect classrooms.  I want to document the mess, sweat, tears and successes to help me reflect upon what works, what…

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