First 5 Days

Spent this week working on the First 5 Days of inquiry. The first 5 days sets the stage for what you want out of your students, your classroom and yourself. How are the first 5 days of an inquiry-based classroom different from a “regular” classroom?

Alan November asked participants at this year’s BLC12 conference what the first 5 days might look like. Here is some of the thinking. This was some of our thinking from our few days together.


2 Comments on “First 5 Days”

  1. Angie says:

    I really like this graphic that represents the first 5 days. In our school we have developed folders that are passed along to teachers each year. It has the student’s writing sample, reading assessment and other info. It helps the teacher start their class profile. As a parent I caution teachers who go ‘hog wild’ collecting September samples. Remember the kids have just come back from a holiday too and they might not be able to provide an accurate sample of what they know during that first week of school. Teachers, imagine having a teacher appraisal the first week of school – not fair right? So, give students time to settle in and build trust with you before you collect too many samples and begin making judgements on starting points for them, chances are if you give them a few weeks to settle in they will provide some good stuff for you. We all slide a bit over the summer, spend time setting routines and developing trust prior to collecting all of those diagnostics.
    My thoughts,


  2. msshllz says:

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