Shift Happens

This year was a big shift for students in our class. We made a deliberate shift from textbook learning to a much more inquiry based, authentic learning classroom focus. The shift was a challenge for many students.

Overheard in the fall,

“Can’t we just do worksheets in math?”

Overheard yesterday,

“I’m so excited. Tomorrow we have a double math period!”

Perhaps the First 5 Days really takes 5 months. This is due in large part to my PLN in the Twitterverse for helping me stay the course and keeping the focus on the moral imperative.


4 Comments on “Shift Happens”

  1. That is a huge difference from expecting a worksheet to a more inquiry based authentic learning focus. Good for you for staying the course!

  2. Shift happens over time. The fall is a hard time when students aren’t used to struggling and problem solving. Congrats on staying the course.

  3. kylepearce says:

    It saddens me when a teacher will bail on a new idea because the students “don’t like it” at first glance. We are creatures of habit and sometimes it takes a great educator to see the end goal and give the experiment enough time to catch on.

    Keep on plugging away!

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