Mod-3 RADIUS Case Review

I’ll say this from the outset, I’m not a person who routinely drops their phone. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever dropped any phone, dating back to my faux woodgrain Nokia 232 somewhere back in the mid 90’s. I’m not a dropper. I get that some people have kids, or just simply operate in such a way that their phone, more often than not, ends up in harm’s way. That’s the Otterbox crowd, and there are plenty of armour-like cases for those folks. This case is not for you.

When I first touched an iPhone 5 I was immediately impressed by the feel of having a solid chunk of aluminum in your hands. It felt way different than my iPhone 3, or my Sony Xperia. My first reaction was that I didn’t want to give this up by wrapping the phone in plastic. Thus my search began for the most minimal case I could find.

My iPhone is always in one of 3 places; a table, my pocket of a messenger bag. The one thing I was aware of was the scratches that happen, not so much on the face of a phone, but the back of the device. I had experienced this with my click-wheel iPods. Anything that would protect the phone from the surface it was put on, yet still allow access to all the buttons and have the phone retain its look and feel.


Along came a Kickstarter project mod-3 and their RADIUS case. I read the reviews and there seemed to be issues with the group filling orders. So I waited. I waited about a year until they built up their authorized retailers and finally purchased the case from Bite My Apple. The shipping took a little longer than I expected, about 4 weeks. Even though they did mention a 4-6 week shipping window, I think Amazon has spoiled me when it comes to shipping times.

The case ships with some extra screws and an allen wrench. You align the corners of the phone with the case and tighten the screws. I think I will end up putting some Loctite on the screws, because these things are incredibly tiny. Once screwed in, the x-frame is held in place quite securely.


So how does the case perform? In a word, brilliantly. Now, remember, this is a highly specialized case designed for a specific audience. This is not your run-of-the-mill bumper or wallet case. This is designed with the minimalist in mind, or those that don’t like traditional cases. I’ve had no problems with the corners catching on my pockets, or even the screws coming loose. Everything works just as it should. One thing this case does do that is not advertised, is that it attracts a lot of attention if you let it. I was in a local Apple Store showing one of my friends the case and over the next half hour I think every staff member on the floor wanted to know more about it.

So for you minimalists out there looking for something with just a little more protection than no case at all, this just might be the thing for you.

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