About this blog

Using technology is the new literacy for contemporary learners. I am on a personal mission to evangelize emerging technology in education.

Yes, I’m a teacher. More accurately I consider myself a “Contemporary Literacy Integrationist”, and while I teach in a classroom I think of it more as facilitating a grade 6 inquiry learning vortex.

“Literacy in the 21st Century is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable achievement, personal well-being and full participation in an interconnected and changing world community”. (YRDSB Literacy Definition, revised 2010)

“Innovation is the currency of progress. In our world of seismic changes, innovation has become a holy grail that promises to shepherd us through these uncertain and challenging times.” (from Teaching Innovation Is About More Than iPads in the Classroom)

Where’s my textbook? Why it’s here. Welcome to just in time, anywhere learning.


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