Things are now set up and ready. It took about 2 days and I was constantly flip flopping between setting the class up “my way” or having just a shell of a set up and letting the students make it their own. I think I sort of compromised. The walls are going to be their own, all I’m going to suggest are the categories for the cork boards. Seating will be as mobile as possible. Groups of 4, theatre style, schoolroom style. It depends on what we’re doing. I anticipate moving the furniture frequently. Desks also are “turned in” with the storage on the inside. There are a number of reasons for this. In grade 6 students are assigned lockers so the most they’ll have to being to class are 2 subjects worth of materials. The second reason for this is that as we move to a BYOD setting, bringing less to class means bringing more.

I decided that the teacher desk was taking up a lot of space in some of the traditional class layouts. I’m going to try having it face the wall to keep it out of the way. See all that empty shelf space at the back of the photo? I dumped the dictionaries and atlas’ in the storage room. Others are welcome to them. I did the same with the filing cabinet. Everything I have worth keeping has been scanned to a PDF and sits on a series of hard drives, redundantly backed up, or Evernote, often both. Everything else I might need exists online. Everything.

So it looks a bit sparse right now. We’ll check in a week from now to see what it looks like.